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Explore how our innovative and internationally certified flexibag solutions can help reduce costs, increase throughput and simplify logistics. 

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What is a Fortiz FlexiTank?

Fortiz Flexitanks are flexible, single-use, high-performance PE containers placed inside a 20 feet container and then pumped or filled with goods to be transported. Each tank is manufactured from high quality PE formulation (Polyethylene/ Plastic) manufactures to food-grade specifications. The product is ideal for bulk liquids and grains. Fortiz provides standard flexitanks for 20 feet containers and custom sizes when required. 

Which industries can use it?


Food & Food Additives

Wine, Edible oil, Mineral water, Liquid malt, Syrups, Fish oil, Molasses, Food grains


Industry alcohol & acids

Glycerin, Fatty acid, Oleic acid, Triphosphate, Dibasic Esters, Ethylene Glycol, Polyol



Lubricants and additives, Transformer oil, White oil, Base oil, Engine oil, Solvent oil, Benzene


Non-hazardous chemicals & liquids

Synthetic resin, Detergents, Disinfection, Fertilizers, Natural latex, Cement additives

Advantages of Fortiz FlexiTanks

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Save costs

The maximum volume of each Fortiz Flexitank is 24,000 liters inside a general freight container, which can ship roughly 50% more cargo than bottled consignments, 40% more than drummed consignments, and 15% more than intermediate bulk containers. 


Minimal equipment

Our flexitanks do not require the use of a forklift to load or unload container which makes loading and unloading faster and also cheaper as compared to the cost of using drums and IBCs.


Reduce labour

As our flexitanks are convenient to handle, load, and unload, you require less labor, which also means lower logistic costs. 


No cleaning required

Our flexitanks are disposable - so you don’t have to worry about additional cleaning costs. 


No additional storage required 

Our flexitanks do not require additional storage - the tanks themselves are self-stored. 



Flexitanks are entirely recyclable so they are environmentally friendly. We’re also looking for ways to upcycle these bags in target countries. 

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