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Your questions about FlexiTanks, answered.

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What is the impact on shipping cost, if we use FlexiTanks instead of traditional packaging?

FlexiTanks are a most effective method of bulk liquid transportation. The biggest reason being the additional volume loaded over drums and IBCs.


How strong are FlexiTanks? Do they burst? 

At Fortiz, we sell and service only the top of the line tanks and in our years of installing across the world, we have not had any issues with our tanks bursting. 


What sizes of tanks do you offer? 

Our Fortiz tanks can store from 16,000 to 24,000 litres of liquid matter. We have a wide range of sizes to solve your liquid storage needs. 


Do you do custom sizes? 

We do offer custom sizes. To discuss your options please get in touch.


How long do Flexi Tanks last for?

The expected life under normal conditions is up to 20 years. However, all our FlexiTanks are for single use only and are disposed or upcycled after use. 


What kinds of liquids can be stored in my FlexiTank? 

Different tanks specialise in different liquids. We have tanks for potable and non-potable water, effluent, liquid fertilisers, wine and more. 


What kinds of valves and pipes do I need and where can I get them?

All our tanks come with the necessary valves and male camlock ready to connect. 


How much do FlexiTanks cost? 

It varies according to the volume of the tank and the cargo being transported required. We are here to provide you with the best, most cost effective solution depending on the nature of your project. 


Are there compartments inside the tank? 

No, they are self-supporting. When they are empty they lay flat.

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