Agile cargo solutions

Optimal ideas to cut down logistics costs without compromising on quality. 

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About Fortiz

Today, and more than ever, organizations that depend on trade have to find new ways to reconfigure how to meet their KPIs.
While the cost of shipping has increased dramatically, the value from transporting products has diminished because of demand, production pricing and local / international policy challenges. To be competitive globally, companies now need to come up with optimal ideas to cut down their costs without compromising on quality. 

Reduced costs, increased efficiency 

From a logistics perspective, companies in trade can cut down costs by shipping more products in less containers, reduce expenses on individual packaging, improve loading and unloading time, and mitigate  container maintenance fees. This is where the innovative vision and industry experience of Fortiz comes into play - we identify areas of cost efficiency, design and co-create products that address key challenges and then deliver these solutions through our extensive logistics networks across the world. 

One such initiative is our FlexiTanks - designed to provide maximum value. We are one of the largest providers of this product and perform end-to-end services required to ensure there are no gaps in delivery. Our trained personnel attend to every consignment, working closely with the loading and discharge facility staff to help ensure your flexitanks are loaded safely and to agreed capacity.


Our flexi tank loading services and emergency response teams are available in locations all over the world, using our international network of trained staff and presence. Cross-pumping service are also available at select locations in the Middle East. 

If you need cargo solutions delivered with that extra value, contact us.